My Personal  – Weight Loss Journey

How I Lost 25kg and Got My Life Back on Track,  this is my personal weight loss story.

This was me 5 years ago, 25kg heavier.

When I gave birth to my first child I was declared an “elderly prima gravida” (old first timer). I was 36 years of age and, as with most newly expectant mothers, my life was in a major transition in more ways than one. Read on for more about my weight loss story.

I had been working as a Registered Nurse for 20 years when I decided to leave Nursing and start up my own business. That same year I gave birth to my first child. The business was a success and two years later I gave birth to my second child.

Business and family life came first, working long hours; as well as being there for the family, took it toll on my personal development. To pardon the pun, my personal development went pear shaped in more ways than one. I had stopped paying attention to what I was eating, kept finding excuses for not being as active as I should be and paid little heed to my general well being. The result being that I slowly started to put on weight slowly and insidiously.

My Reality Hit!

It was 2010 when reality hit. I was in my mid 40’s, overweight to the point of obese, could not climb a flight of stairs without being breathless, my hair was dry and dull & my nails were cracked. Night sweats were kicking in. I suffered agonizing Plantar fasciitis & low thyroid function. I would wake at 3am unable to go back to sleep leaving me drained and exhausted during the day. I was a mess.

Initially I put everything down to getting older, stress of the job etc. and can still remember saying to my husband, “This is me now. Take me as I am or you have my permission to leave.” My husband stood by me, as he always has through thick and thin (YES another pun) while I continued my downward spiral.

What finally made me take a REAL good look how my weight was impacting on my life and take action were two events.

First Reality Check

A major family event had me looking for a new outfit. As per usual in my hurried existence, I had left it to the last minute and went to my usual haunts but could not find anything to fit me. On the day, I decided to wear a dress I had in the cupboard. I was in such a hurry on the day that I did not look at myself properly in the mirror. As a working mother, I always seemed to be in a hurry, or perhaps I was using this as an excuse. I would rarely look at myself in the mirror, not with the critical mind, as I should have been anyway.

My irrational mind had me thinking “If I did not see myself as getting bigger then perhaps others would be looking through the same rose-tinted glasses also”? Wishful thinking!!

As you can see from the photo I was a walking disaster. It was like I had been poured into the dress and the rolls filled out everywhere, stretching the material to its maximum capacity. When the photos were shown around later that evening, I simply cried.

I Cried that I had let myself go, cried that this was not the REAL me. There was a beautiful, slender woman deep inside the layers of fat, what had happened to her?

Second Reality Check

The second wake-up call was when I started to develop a strange rash across my abdomen, which would erupt while trying to sleep. The itch was unbearable and the mornings I would wake to find my abdomen would be one big purple red blotch. I instinctively believed that the only way to get relief from the rash was not with lotions but with removing the source. In my case the source was the ever-expanding belly fat. I was no longer running away but starting to look at myself in a NEW LIGHT and one light that I did not like to see.

How Had I Let Myself Go?

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If any of my story resonates with you please put you comments below. I always find opening up is the first step to a new YOU.

Julie Dargan

RN, ND, BHSc, Author & Speaker