How to Lose Weight In the Menopause.

A must have book that you should read before embarking on any weight loss plan that will have you looking great and feeling great in the menopause. L. Perry.


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"You Can Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss By Changing Your Mindset!"

Have you tried various approaches to curb your weight increase and hot flushes in the menopause but find you are not able to adhere to any changes. Do you find yourself in a viscous cycle of putting on more weight and the night sweats only intensified at the end of every program you try to adhere to?

    Cathy was tired, irritable, angry, frustrated and depressed. She was drowning in my own misery and lacked any motivation.

    At times she would break down in tears in front of her husband thus feeling exposed and embarrassed. Her mood swings were so bad her sisters asked her where had the happy Cathy gone and who was this person taking her place?

    Cathy was also angry. Being 48 she felt that this was a time in her life when she perceived she would be at her happiest. She had a loving husband, wonderful children and a job she used to enjoy. Instead she was an emotional wreck.

You Do Not Have To Feel Like This

Bernie felt uncomfortable in her own body. All she wanted was to be able to enjoy time with her family and friends. In reality though, she was too exhausted to go out. Instead of being a carefree person she used to be she had turned into a frazzled & exhausted woman.

"The me I looked at in the mirror was not the me I was used seeing in the reflection. Someone else was looking back at me."
"Not only was I putting on weight. I was also starting to suffer with night sweats which contributed to my lack of sleep which then led to me being tired and irritable during the day."

Some Complaints Expressed From Previous Clients

  • With each weight loss program that I encountered I would say, "This is the one that will change me!"
  • I would be hoodwinked into believing each program or product would be the one that would give me the body I desired.
  • ​My children would run for cover each time I tried a new "fad." To them this meant a deprived and frustrated mother.
  • With each program I attempted,came a broken promise coupled with frustration and anger.
  • The weight would not come off, the hot flushes did not dissipate, and I was not a person anyone wanted to be with.

For most of my clients, it was their attitude to dieting and losing weight needing adjusting.

Each program they followed had them feeling deprived, unmotivated, tired and irritable. 

When I asked my clients why they felt like this the most common reply was that they thought it was the only way. Diet and lifestyle changes meant deprivation and restraint.

I Am Here To Tell You That There Is Another Way To Lose Weight and Help Ease The Menopause Symptoms. 

  • Deprivation is not required.
  • You do not have to resort to eating bland, tasteless, uninteresting food.
  • There is a program that allows you to eat tasty, interesting foods that the whole family will enjoy and keep your weight in check.
  • You will not feel deprived.

I was ecstatic to say the least when I discovered the “secret” to losing weight, and keeping it off.

This is not a weight loss program but a book to purchase before you embark on any weight loss plan.

I will show you how easy it is to lose weight (and keep it off) by simply changing your mindset in my new eBook.​

I will show you how easy it is to lose weight (and keep it off) by simply changing your mindset in my new eBook.

Items covered in the eBook include:

  • My Weight Gain (and subsequent loss) journey, warts and all.
  • How to create your successful path to weight loss
  • Common mistakes you may make when trying to lose weight and how to avoid them
  • Genuine obstacles to losing weight and how to overcome them
  • Common excuses when trying to lose weight and how to overcome them
  • Why diet plans do not work, and how to make them more successful
  • How to overcome cravings
  • Helping you in setting your goals
  • How to take action in your weight loss journey
"​Even if you have never dieted before, this is the book to read before making any changes in your diet​. Changes that will have a lasting effect for the rest of your life". Monica

Tired of going to meeting after meeting and not getting the response you are looking for?

Well look no more.

My eBook is ready to be downloaded instantly. I know you are ready to make the changes in your life so why wait?

Imagine yourself calmer & slimmer. Imagine a night of no night sweats. Imagine waking up after a deep, relaxing sleep.

Imagine no more. Download my eBook now and you will discover why previous diets have not worked and how you can make them work.


If you feel after you have purchased my eBook that you did not learn anything new then I guarantee 100% full refund, no questions asked. This shows how much I believe in this book. 

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