About The Menopause Whisperer

My name is Julie Dargan;  also known as The Menopause Whisperer.

My  background is a Registered Nurse (20 years) then studied Naturopathy attaining  a Bachelor Health Sciences degree.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness. The underlying principles of naturopathy are the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and stress management.

This site is ONLY for women who genuinely are ready to take action and responsibility for what is happening with their bodies. I have spent a lot of time and effort on these programs in order for you to get the best results. BUT, the results only happen if you are willing to make the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle to achieve.

I understand your workload (running a business is hard work let alone maintaining a family life) and I understand your struggles. If you would like to read by soulful Blog on my Menopause nightmare click here

I know your pain, your frustrations, and your self-damnation.

Been there, done that, and used to own the T-shirt!  

I want to help you move on from your hormonal lockdown, and break out of this seeming never ending downward spiral of weight gain, anger, pain, sleepless nights, as well as those pesky night sweats!

Each month more information will be shared via newsletter or via blogs on this site.

I welcome any feedback or questions you may have. You can email me directly at [email protected]

Julie Dargan: The Menopause Whisperer