Menopause vs Perimenopause

By Julie Dargan | Physiology

Sep 17

Menopause vs Perimenopause

Due to the irregular and intermittent secretion of oestrogen and progesterone by your diminishing ovaries and eggs, measuring hormone levels can be of little value at any given time. This can make it especially difficult for any woman to be able to ascertain if she is in the menopause transition.

Signs and symptoms expressed by each woman can be a important indicator and predictor for peri-menopausal status.

You have reached menopause exactly 365 days since your last menstrual period. The lead up to that day is considered Peri-menopausal (or pre-menopausal) while the very next day you are considered Post-menopausal.

Here is a snapshot comparing peri-menopause (in red) and menopause (purple).


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