Living In The Golden Age

By Julie Dargan | Menopause

Aug 25

Just like wine and cheese, women really do get better with age.

Research has shown, rather than becoming moodier when we age, many women are happier when they approach their 50’s and beyond.

University of Melbourne Study

This study found that both negative mood and depressive symptoms decreased significantly in the ages of 50-70. Moods improve when women become more comfortable within themselves as they enter the later stages in life, accepted and embraced the ageing process.

When women are no longer experiencing the physical symptoms associated with menopause is one reason for the improvement in their outlook on life as well as becoming actively engaging in community life.

Taking control of your life

As you reach the age of 50 and beyond, you will start to feel a shift. You will feel more in taking control of your life. You are still physically capable of enjoying hobbies and travelling and are usually more financially stable with less responsibilities for children. Make the most of this time and embrace it.

Comments that were shared from the research included;

“I feel more relaxed and less self-conscious. When I was working I was often being judged, especially after the age of 45, and was less likely to be myself. I’m now passed the stage of wondering what people might think of me and I can be myself now. It is very liberating.”

Join a community group

Women tend to be more inclined to join a community program. Sitting at home and doing nothing is not going to make you happy or give you a purpose. The camaraderie of like minded, upbeat, vibrant people found in community groups is a treasure to be found. I urge you to get out and find a group you feel wanted and enjoy.

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Julie Dargan RN, ND, BHSc works with Successful, Busy, Menopausal Women find relief from hot flushes and night sweats, & lose weight gained in their middle years, through diet and lifestyle changes.