Should I be opting for a Coffee or a Green Smoothie?

By Julie Dargan | Recipes

Apr 28

I admit it, I love my daily coffee. After the morning work is done, Rebel (the dog) and I take off for our morning ritual of a walk along the river and into town for a cup of coffee.

I am fortunate to live in the countryside to have a river nearby, massive trees to walk along and 3 fantastic coffee shops to choose from.

But wait, coffee is evil, or even better still for every $4.00 you save each morning can add up to $1460.00 (yes I walk on weekends as well) over one year. Imagine what I could save if I did not go out for my daily coffee.

Well boo hoo to that.

One cup of coffee, the real stuff, not that instant imitation that does not titillate the taste buds like a real coffee does, it not going to harm anyone either.

To me the benefits of this ritual of mine is not worth “saving” $1460.00 a year, but is money well spent. You have to live life, and gaining enjoyment in the simple things in life, helps me to be the vibrant person that I am. (Okay some bragging here but I am trying to keep this a positive blog!)

Benefits of my daily ritual

  • Going for a walk every morning does wonders for my energy levels and self-esteem.
  • Sometimes I may meet up with a friend, but most of the time I relish the time on my own and catching up with the latest news and reading the newspaper the cafe supplies for its customers. (That is a saving of $1.40 a day as well as not wasting paper.)
  • Morning time is the best time for some Vitamin D absorption when the sun is not at its fullest, thus allowing me to be out longer without fear of sunburn. We all know by now how important Vitamin D is for our bones but if you need to be reminded here is an article I wrote on Vitamin D.
  • Working from home can leave many people doing less exercise than is recommended. I used to feel guilty going for my daily walks. I used to think that every minute counted and while I was out walking could have been time better spent at work. Working from home has its advantages. I have now justified my morning walks as being the time I would be ‘wasting” in the car or public transport getting to and from my workplace.
  • Rebel gets his daily walk which is very important for his social calendar and constitution.

What about the Green Smoothie Revolution?

I am also an advocate of a daily Green Smoothie. I will always start the day with a Green Smoothie.

I make up my Green Smoothie ahead of time so that I simply wake each day and my Smoothie is there waiting for me. I am not a morning person and the thought of making a noise with my blender is just not an option.

Here is my favourite Green Smoothie Recipe. I make up about 2 litres each time and will slightly change the recipe each time so the body does not get used to the same thing each day.


  • 4 silver beet leaves (deveined)
  • 4 kale leaves (deveined)
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 2 pears
  • 1 banana
  • 1/4 lemon (I like the peel on, you may not)
  • 2-3 cups water
  • 4 tablespoons hemp powder

Blitz all the ingredients together. Taste before you pour in case you feel you need more fruit to make it palatable.

Store in fridge. If you store in an airtight bottle & in the fridge, this Smoothie will last for up to 72 hours.

Coffee or Smoothie Debate

Many people seem to think that they should be Green Smoothie, Tree Hugging Lovers or Coffee Addicts getting their daily fixes. To me, there is always room for a little manoeuvring. Not everything has to be so black and white.

Enjoyment in moderation is the key.

I love my morning ritual of getting my coffee and the actual drinking of this wonderful, bitter, flavoursome drink.

I also love the benefits of drinking a Green Smoothie every day. Having a powerful punch of greens in one drink every day keeps me as regular as clock work. And trust me, for most women in their 50’s, this is a topic that is often discussed over a coffee or two!

I would love to hear what your daily guilty pleasure is. Pop it down in the comments below.

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