7 Top Tips to Eliminate Constipation & Ensure Soft Bowel Motions During the Menopause

By Julie Dargan | Menopause

Feb 18

Here is a list of things you should be including in your daily routine:

  • 1. Drinking plenty of water, not teas, not juices, not sodas, but plenty of water. Keeping your colon hydrated will ensure that your bowel motions are soft and easy to push out.
  • 2. Making sure you are getting plenty of green leafy vegetables into your diet. Greens are a great way to incorporate much needed fibre into you daily program.
  • 3. Getting out into the fresh air and exercising. Not only does this get things moving in more ways than one, but it also addresses the stress factor that is often involved in constipation issues.
  • 4. Incorporate foods into you diet that contain magnesium naturally. These include bananas (make sure they are fully ripe), pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Magnesium helps to relax the muscles in the intestines as well as attracting water into the colon thus helping to soften the stool.
  • 5. Make sure to be incorporating essential fats into you diet. Sources include avocado, olives and salmon. Just as good oils are needed to keep the engine in your car running well, so too does your body require these essential fatty acids to keep your “engine” running smoothly.
  • 6. Be sure to eat bitter greens, you know the ones that most people move to the side of the plate. Many of us now eat only lettuce as they find the taste of endives or rocket to be too bitter. They are supposed to be bitter as they are great at stimulating the digestive enzymes to be secreted into your small intestine and break down the foods you are eating.
  • 7. A healthy gut is paramount in maintaining healthy bacteria necessary for soft regular bowel motions. Choose full fat, live yoghurt without any fruit added, you can add your own fruit.

This is just a short review on helping you to be regular. This happens at all stages in life so feel free to share this article to anyone you know that may be suffering from constipation.


What is your favourite food for keeping you regular? Would love to read your comments below:


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