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Lose weight, while enjoying each day to the fullest, with energy & vitality.

Without feeling deprived or hungry!


"Weight gain is not inevitable as you reach the age of 45 and beyond. You can reverse the weight gain  simply by paying attention to changing your eating and lifestyle habits! "


This 7-Day Weight Loss Plan Is The #1 Online Resource To Show You How To Lose Weight & Feel Great.

You cannot maintain a healthy body weight in mid-life by eating the same and exercising as much as you did in your 30's.

Your metabolism slows as you age. In order to maintain a healthy weight you need to pay more attention to the food you are eating.

As you get older, your risk of cardiovascular disease increases.

This is due partly to the tendency to put on weight around the abdomen. Body fat stored within the abdominal wall and around the internal organs is a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease.

Energy and weight loss go hand-in-hand.

When your body is in tip top shape and your metabolism moving, you're more likely to be more active in your daily tasks and have the mental stamina to avoid overindulging in the wrong foods. 

As the pounds come off, your motivation to keep going will skyrocket your energy.

"Stop listening to people who tell you that following a weight loss plan means a life of deprivation....Instead it is the  START of finding you more energy than you realise." Menopause Whisperer

5 Mind Block That May Be Sabotaging Your Success in Losing Weight?

# 1 Where do I start? I have tried several weight loss plans that did not work for me.

# 2 Do I need to sign up to a 6-Month plan? How much do they cost? How do I know that the plan is right for me?

# 3 Where do I find the time? I do not have the ingredients to make the meals. The recipes are too hard to follow.

# 4 I would rather be fat and happy than skinny and unhappy.

# 5 I am hopeless, I do not know if I am able to follow the plan. It feels too hard. I will always be fat and not lucky like my friends who seem to eat what they like and not put on any weight.

Let me share a secret...

I felt exactly the same, the same five insecurities I have mentioned above when I first realised that I was obese.

After the birth of my second child, I lost all interest in my health and what I was eating. I had let myself go and muttered all the excuses above when I finally realised that I was not just overweight but OBESE!

But, here is the difference....

I had a system..... one that I created myself. 

A system that got my metabolism moving, that saw me lose weight, that saw me gain energy to do the things that I never thought possible again!

Altogether — we’re talking about How you Can get you life back on track 

3 Compelling Reasons To Trust Me When I Share With You My System To Help You Lose Weight In Your Middle Years

My story...

I was not born with a speedy metabolism allowing be to be able to eat what I liked without the consequences. Throughout my life I would gain weight if I ever overindulged.

At the age of 40 I found my weight slowly increasing beyond what was "normal" for me.

"I wanted to follow a plan that I could adhere to, that would not leave me hungry, or miserable, or feel deprived in any way." Menopause Whisperer

I did not have time to make my family's meals, as well as cook different foods for myself. I had to create an eating program that the whole family would enjoy and benefit from.

It is my privilege and honour to help you lose weight using the same system that I used.

Life right now may seem desperate. 

YOU can continue down the path of low energy and self-loathing.

YOU can continue to be a victim of your own self-sabotage, doubting yourself and choosing to settle for less and not feeling good about yourself............


THIS IS YOU...Be the envy of all your friends!  I can assure you they will want to know your secret.

THIS IS YOU...No more foggy brain, no more restless nights, no more short tempers.

THIS IS YOU....You are in your favourite clothes and you are able to choose clothes off the rack.

THIS IS YOU.....No more bloating, being constipated or feeling miserable.

THIS IS YOU... You will gain confidence in knowing what to eat when out in a restaurant without the guilt.

You can get the results you WANT & DESERVE by following the exact strategies and recipes I have used to lose weight & keep it off & achieve your own weight loss success using my successful program.

The 7-Day Weight Loss Guide For Women 45+
 Because Losing Weight & Feeling Great 
Should not require you to compromise your dignity, sanity & joy for living.

You are one step away from starting your own weight loss journey following my step by step, proven process for a leaner & healthier you in just 7 days.

Part 1:  What to expect in the program

Weight loss and weight maintenance

At around the age of 35 women start to lose lean body mass, while at the same time increase body fat, particularly in the abdominal area. 

Fat is stored around the middle as opposed to lower tummy, hips and thighs.

I explore the benefits of the program including improved energy, healthy hair & skin, improved digestion, improved cardiovascular health, improved blood sugar control, improved mood and better sleep patterns. 

I also address the barriers that are preventing you from achieving weight loss in your later years.

Part 2: How your hormones play a part in your weight loss journey

Are you tired of your doctor assuming that you do not have the willpower to stop eating or insinuates that you may be lazy?

What they are not telling you is that is may be your hormones that are sabotaging your weight loss. 

Learning about your body as you get older can be critical to addressing the underlying cause of your weight gain, helping you to restore your health and how a healthy diet and exercise can help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Midlife, women and weight gain are not synonymous.

Perhaps you struggled with maintaining a healthy weight all your life. Or perhaps it became a problem once you reached 45. As you get older, it can be a constant struggle to stay lean.

In this plan you will discover what I have learned as a Nurse and Naturopath (BHSc) and as a woman going through menopause dealing with weight and hormone issues.

I am eager to share this information with you because I understand your frustration and struggles that you experience every day.

I want to help you gain a clearer understanding of your body’s hormones and how these hormones work for or against you in your efforts to maintain a healthy body weight as well as regain energy and vitality.

Part 3: Action Steps

Your mindset is the most important tool for your success

Are you trapped in a body you no longer recognise?

Do you wish you had more energy in the day to accomplish all that you want and need to accomplish?

Are you exhausted and irritable?

My Top 10 Action Steps are steps that are easily laid out for you to follow that you must acknowledge and work through to help you body during this time of transition.

Everything you have wanted is within your reach.  

I show you how easy it is.

Once you have the foundations, you are set for life.

Part 4: Wall Chart

You receive an A4 Wall Chart ready to print and laminate if you wish.

Place this on your fridge for easy reference.

Part 5: Shopping List

Looking to lose weight but don't have a lot of time to plan out meals? I’ve got you covered!

As part of the 7-Day Weight Loss Guide , to help you revamp your life, I've created a simple 60-item shopping list. Do not be overwhelmed by this list, most of the ingredients you should already have in your pantry using the checklist box to write down what you need to purchase.

You can then take this list to the store to purchase everything you need to make easy, healthy meals and snacks each day for a week. And the best part is, while there are seven days' worth of meals, you can also mix, match and repeat these recipes to last a whole month — or more!

The 7-day meal plan and shopping list boasts delicious recipes with cheap, easy-to-find ingredients. Enjoy less stress with the time and money you’ll save following this helpful plan.

Part 6: Recipe book

50+ page booklet

A 50+ page booklet containing easy to follow recipes.

Includes the benefits of the main ingredients helping you to achieve weight loss.

I explore the benefits of a healthy liver and why this is so important during during the menopause years and beyond.

Also included is recommended foods to ensure your liver is functioning in tip top condition.

Extra Bonus

Access to an exclusive Facebook Community

We always think we need to plod along alone as we start a weight loss program, too embarrassed to tell anyone of our decision to lose weight in case we fail and this is perhaps one of the biggest barriers allowing to achieve your potential.

I have created a private Facebook group community to keep you accountable and allow you to get feedback from myself and the community.

We have weekly challenges and accountability threads, everything you need to stay on track.

You may be all pumped and ready to lose weight and be in the right mindset, but the moment you are faced with a challenge, alone, negative WILL come back. This is where the group can help you.

Get Access To Over 60+ Page Ebook Ready For Instant Download

Looking For Inspiration? Read The Following Testimonials From Women Who Have Followed This Program!

No more mood swings or exhaustion...

Before doing the 7-Day program I was physically and mentally falling apart. I thought there was no program out there to help soothe the worst of my symptoms with anxiety, mood swings and exhaustion being the worst culprits. No only did I lose weight but also lost these symptoms. 

Janet S  //  

Very informative program, not just a weight loss plan...

Thank you so much for your informative information with the program. The article on peri menopause was so spot on for me! I'm relieved to know I'm not crazy. Added bonus for sure. Laurel M.

LAUREL M  //  

Hunger was never an issue...

I am eating healthier than I have in a long time.

Funny thing I found while following the plan and eating healthy foods, I was less hungry than when eating "junk food."

Even tonight at the grocery store I nearly picked up potato crisps, but opted for an apple instead and did not feel deprived at all.

It was liberating to know what would suit my body and felt better for it. 

DEBBIE T  //  

The 7-Day Weight Loss Program Is Not For EVERYONE

It is NOT...

A collection of random recipes and vague ideas. 

Your metabolism slows as you age. In order to maintain a healthy weight after menopause, you need pay more attention to the food you are eating.

A collection of random tactics. 

This is NOT a program using random tactics and false promises, you will need to put in the work and follow the system.

A program for women looking for a magic pill

If you believe in “Magic pills” and not willing to make changes, PLEASE DO NOT buy this program.


Women ready to put in the effort

As well as for women who want to follow a system to create a better life for themselves.

Women who are willing to invest in themselves

Investing in yourself and seeking more than just weight loss but gaining so much more (such as more energy, better sleep and vitality).

Women who are ready to take action 

You are willing and comfortable to do what it takes to make changes with the guidance and framework I will be providing.

4 Weight Loss Programs You Should Be Wary Of.

The Wellness Coaches...

The advice from coaches who have never experienced menopause or the pitfalls associated with it. If they truly do not understand your frustrations how can they be an expert on helping you at this critical time of your life. 

The "High metabolism" Coaches...

You know the types I am talking about here. The young lithe women who do not believe you when you say that you do eat properly and yet still gain weight. 

Pills & Shakes Programs

These are simply gimmicks and while you may lose weight in the time you follow the program, you do not have the tools to know what to eat after you stop the shakes.

These type of diet plans only have you gaining weight the minute you finish the plan and start introducing the same foods you used to eat before you started the plan. If they made you put on weight before, they will most certainly make you put on weight again. 

Programs With No Clear Framework

Programs with no clear framework or evidence that women built a strong network or enhanced their social confidence.

This is where I come in.

There is no confusion, only straight up honest insights and experience of what works, because taking advice from “experts” who have never tried to lose weight in the menopause and not understand the challenges, the emotions, the frustrations that women experience at this time,  can seem like reckless action.

This Exclusive Material Is Designed To Deliver You Results

Imagine Yourself 1 Week From Now

You have started the program and noticing the benefits

Your clothes are starting to feel more comfortable.

You are sleeping better.

Your face is not as puffy.

You are ready to repeat the program for another week!

​A Quick Recap


THE 7-Day Weight Loss Program

Are you ready to start your weight loss plan and be the person you want to be?

When you sign up you’ll get:

  • Access to all parts of the 7-Day Program
  • You will receive instant access to all parts of the 7-Day Program.
  • Access to recipe guides, shopping list, wallplanner and action list.
  • All the information you need to make your journey an easy one & stress free.
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group as well as my private email account.
  • A private Facebook community that will allow you to get feedback from myself and the community. 
  •  There will be accountability, weekly challenges and unwavering support to help you stay on track and be a success in your weight loss journey. 

Get Access To The 7-Day Weight Loss Plan For Only  $19.95


How quickly will I see results?

As well as going through the menopause, I also have adrenal fatigue and low blood sugar challenges. Would the programme be suitable for me??

I have trouble sleeping and find my anxiety is increasing. Will this program help me with this?

When does the 7-Day Program start?

Do I have to attend regular weigh-in classes?

What are your payment options?

I do not have a lot of time spare, how will this program be different from others?

Why can't I just lose weight myself without the need for programs to follow?

Why can't I just lose weight myself without the need for programs to follow?

Why is the price so low?

What’s the refund policy?

How do I sign up and how much does it cost?


By this time next week you will be on the road to a slimmer, leaner, healthier YOU!



Hi, I’m Julie.

I help women 45+ lose weight and feel great in the middle years through diet and lifestyle changes.

I’ve been featured in Mind Body Green, Sixty & Me and many more.

My mission is to get you to understand what is going on in your later years.

If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way.