The Site for Successful Women 50+ Lose Weight & Feel Great In Their Menopause Years and Beyond.

Julie Dargan Menopause Lifestyle Consultant (RN, ND,BHSc) shows women how to lose weight, banish hot flushes & find calm in their busy lives during the Menopause Years.

Are you yearning to discover how to..

1. Decrease your expanding waistline?

2.Banish the hot flushes?

3. Be free from anger and hurt?

4. Lose the belly fat?

5. Wake up fresher and invigorated?

6. Get your life back on track?

If you answered yes to one or more of these challenges then this site is for you!

I hear your woes and understand your challenges.Using my background in Nursing and Naturopathy (BHSc) I help women achieve weight loss, enjoy a relaxing night sleep and regain energy and vitality into their lives during the Menopause Years (and beyond).

If you are serious about banishing the Menopause Blues through diet and lifestyle changes, then this is the site for you.

Browse The Menopause Whisperer Site and discover how to:

  • Lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived.

  • Find relief from inflammatory conditions such as IBS, arthritis and migraines.

  • Wake up refreshed after a night with minimal/no night sweats.

  • Get up after a great night's sleep with less aches and pains

  • Enjoy making delicious and simple recipes the whole family will enjoy.